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'Love On Top'

Although for the past few years we have lived abnormally, we are still optimistic about spreading love and happiness to our surroundings. Meanwhile, Karman and Ivan continue the second wedding banquet with their loved ones and friends this year!

For the first time, we were involved with the wedding solemnization and the banquet, both held at The Murray Hong Kong. The Arches is a spacious semi-outdoor area with iconic big fans. It is a distinctive area to have a wedding ceremony and a cocktail reception. The Niccolo Room is a stylish and modern function room with two cutting-edge LED panels for projecting fruitful memories during the dinner. Our team performed some songs in both areas for the wedding solemnization and the wedding banquet to enrich the atmosphere for Karman and Ivan and our beloved guests.

A year later, and to continue their bliss this year, it was held at The Dynasty Club. Surround yourself with ruby-themed decorations and a pleasurable dining experience with some blissful music to beautify the entire evening.

During the pandemic, it makes us more aware of our health, and we should cherish the time we can spend with the people we love each day. During the time they became a couple, they also faced different obstacles related to health, unexpected change of plans however were glad to beleive that all obstacles will be overcomed, with one thing or more to handle at a time, things did worked out the best they could with immense of compassion, love and support.

Life's hurdles are inevitable, and this Couple weathered the challenges stronger than ever as a team and had all these beautiful Wedding memories out of the ordinary.

We hope those who are reading this are blessed with good health and surround with love from people who cherish them every day.

Planner / Live Band @mrsrobinsonlive

Photography at The Murray HK @moonbirdproduction at Dynasty Club @alexyblog

MUA @ivychiu808

Decoration @oncewedding (Murray HK) @sole_wedding (Dynasty Club)

Gown @elysianbridal

妗姐麗姐 @azelle_lai

Bouquets @the.aura_garden

Wedding Favor Caligraphy @karman.fung.calligraphy

Venue @themurrayhk #Dynastyclubhk #皇朝會

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