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Mrs Robinson Live story

It all started in one Summer 2015 in Hong Kong.

Our Founder Joyce has been singing and performing since age of 5, is a bona fide experienced performer throughout the years. Clients love her voice, cool artistic instinct and her friendly, into-details character. She always has had a sweet tooth for romance and elements of weddings has been catching her attention since early on. After working several years in the PR Event industry, the dream brewing in her mind has become a reality.

That Summer in 2015 April, Joyce had group of girlfriends from all around the world traveling to Hong Kong and one of them, a Bride-to-be and a long-time friend of Joyce was on a 'mission' to find bridal and bridesmaid items. Joyce turned into a happy host and showed the girls to the best local spots, cafes, shopping sprees, nightlife spots, and of course visited one of our gems, The Peak. It was one of the best journeys they could've had and to top the epic memory off they all had decided on a fun iconic nickname just for that trip…


That's when 'Mrs Robinson' popped up, inspired from an iconic character from the classic movie 'The Graduates'. At the same period Joyce was forming an official Music Band to perform at coming events. This name became the bands’ name and how the our brand began. Our icon is the perfect gent and adorable Mr Penguin, whom when he finds his love, will last a lifetime. 

Romantic isn't he?


To this day, we are continuing in brewing diversity of flavors for you !

< The beautiful Wedding Day photo captured by our Photographer SunSun at a 'Destination Weddings'

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