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It's been a while & Happy 2020 !

First is to wish you all a fruitful New Year, stay blessed and Healthy! We hope everyone be stronger than ever during this challenging times and soon all the good vibes will be restoring in all our lives :))) Lots of Coffee meets with engaged couples for 2020 and 2021 celebrations! We also have Feb/March Weddings to be postponed due to the situation in Hong Kong but we are here for our Couples as we know all the stress and decisions need to navigate along this journey. We could postpone within this year for any dates if not previous been reserved. be flexible and sending all good vibes to Couples who are prepping the most!

Been scouting some interesting new venues in Hong Kong and some overseas one, little getaway but not too far off like Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa in Phuket, Anantara in Chiang Mai.

For Couples who loves exotic locations and who are planning to host two receptions, there are some some go-to places to consider, who doesn't adore some extra travel right?

Heaps of fine selections of Destination Resorts that offer dance floor and less time limitations so the whole party could last longer. Need to narrow down some venues? Contact us anytime :)

Updating the site with some new service menu freshly completed Wedding Work photos.

TIME for another cuppa COFFEE, going to 'Artista Perfectto' in 3A Sharp Street West, Causeway Bay, have a good week, what's your favorite Cafe in HK? give us a shout!

one of mine and the Couple's favorite moment, with the dashing Horse strolling around seaside in Discovery Bay before their big night Reception embarks.

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