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Our official site revamped!

Bringing what we love to do closer to you.

Welcome to our official site! I am Joyce, one of the Founders of Mrs Robinson Live. Finally after few months of adjusting life, reviewing our service and comments, I got to spice up things and one of them is this site with a fresh style! Since we started, many couples, vendors, some strange happy faces that we encountered ask me 'Why this name' or 'Are you married, Joyce?', 'are you the mysterious Mrs Robinson?' Lol well, i am not married yet, but i am a cheese-ball who loves to sing and every little bits about romance, that why i still get emotional performing the same song one after another wedding. To able to witness each special moments of every couples was just out of the world. Besides the band, i am very delight to have couples and people that trust me on planning for their day of events. Now we have a bigger team of extraordinaire as well!

As for the name, you all can pop to our page 'our story' to enjoy a little tale at how we started. To end here for now, i would like to say my band mates and crew are also romantic and superbly talented in their own form, tho we have very different characters, we just have a ball and laughs and delightful to bring the BEST MOMENT for our customers. Many till this day became our friends and i couldn't say enough of thanks to all the support and rave we got so far! x

Coming i hope to share with you all our fun-and-sweats behind the scenes moments, some music covers, Wedding trends and love stories around us!


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